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Investors Central was established to raise and provide capital to Finance One, a wholly owned subsidiary. Finance One operates in the second tier vehicle finance sector and specialises in lending to individuals with poor credit histories. It continues to experience strong positive growth year on year.

Demand for Finance One loan products remains strong through the development of close relationships with a nation - wide finance broker network and as the finance broker network is slowly expanded, Investors Central raises capital to meet these requirements.

Astute investors have an opportunity to take part in the growth and development of Finance One and enjoy a range of positive investment returns currently available. It can provide a steady income stream, a vital component of any diversified investment portfolio.

Investment is by way of preference shares issued by Investors Central. These are, in effect, a fixed interest security with attractive interest, paid monthly in arrears. A minimum investment amount of $25,000 applies while investment terms range from 12 to 60 months. Full details can be found under Investment Options on this website and also in our prospectus.

Australian Investors

Australian Investors

Find More information about how Australian based investors are able to participate in the current investment offer.

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Singapore Investors

Singapore Investors

Find More information about how Singapore based investors are able to participate in the current investment offer.

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About Investors Central

About Investors Central

Find more information about the Company, and its subsidiary company Finance One and the Directors; including Jamie McGeachie.

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We aim to be transparent about our business and welcome your enquiries to understand more about Investors Central, Finance One and how you can participate in this unique investment opportunity. Please telephone our office on 1300 468 236. We are happy to discuss things with you or we can arrange to post you a copy of our Prospectus to help you decide whether to invest with Investors Central.

Our preference is to make this a personal relationship. We would like the opportunity to meet with you to discuss our investment opportunity and our business, Finance One so that you fully understand everything before you make any investment decision.

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